✅ Easily attach 1 or 2 extra monitors to your laptop ✅ Work with all laptops via Type-C/mini HDMI ✅ Work with PS4 / XBOX One / Nintendo Switch ✅ Flexible Viewing Angle/Rotatable ✅ Turn Android smartphones into working stations ✅ Lightweight & compact ✅ 15.6 inches, 1080P, touchscreen



backers Storing Bitcoins securely with paper wallets Making a paper wallet shouldn't be a hassle, but currently it is. You have to download a LiveCD, make sure it has bitcoin software on it, burn the CD, reboot your computer, go into the BIOS and make sure the CD is selected as the first boot device, then boot into the LiveCD, install and configure your printer, etc. Piper makes creating paper wallets easy. Piper is a hardware-based paper wallet generator and printer. It's easy to use, and yet fully customizable. Piper has a single button which creates a new paper wallet when pressed. Piper also has an HDMI port and a USB port, so you can hook up a TV/Monitor and Mouse and Keyboard, and customize your prints or even use your own USB printer.


How does Piper work? Piper has a single button which creates a new paper wallet when pressed. Piper also has a mode switch which is used to switch between "Remember" and "Forget" modes. When Piper is in Remember mode, the paper wallets you print will be backed up on Piper's internal memory. If you plug in a USB drive, Piper will automatically back up the keys used to make the paper wallets it has printed. When Piper is in Forget mode, the paper wallets will not be stored internally. How do I know I can trust the private keys that Piper generates? Piper is 100% open source, so you can clearly see how the paper wallets are generated. Piper has no internet connection, so nobody can ever steal your private keys and therefore your bitcoins. Piper has passed 26 of the Dieharder tests of randomness, and every unit includes this test so you can run it yourself and verify the randomness of the private keys generated.


What does Piper look like? Piper's enclosure is a ~4" cube made of transparent green acrylic. Piper has a switch and a button on top. The switch allows you to switch between "Remember" and "Forget" modes. The button allows you to print a paper wallet. What powers Piper? A Raspberry Pi Linux computer generates the keypairs, and a small printer creates the paper wallets.


What does Piper come with? A power supply compatible with 100-240VAC and 1 roll of paper. Extra rolls can be purchased on the website. Each roll is enough for more than 100 paper wallets. How long do the paper wallets last? The paper wallets will last 7 years or more if stored properly. Storing them properly means cool, dry, office filing type conditions. Risks and challenges Building everything myself is going to be quite a challenge as the assembly process is quite time consuming.
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#Update The aspara™ smart indoor grow box is a miniaturized hydroponics farm system. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. The hydroponic growing method cuts out the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides and it calls for only 10% of the water that would be used in typical farming methods. It also allows for full climate control and 25-30% faster growth.


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